About Us

Pick’n’Mix TV was created for start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to sample the power of TV advertising with a budget of up to £10,000.

Amazing strides have been made by the TV advertising market over the past few years. An explosion in channel choice has made it easier than ever before for brands to target niche audience groups with cost-effective strategies, whilst new optimisation tools have significantly enhanced the efficiency of advertising your brand on TV.

Yet, let’s not sugar-coat it: for many businesses, the world of TV can still seem like an unwelcoming, sour environment. We’re here to change that; to widen access to the opportunities abundant for all business of all sizes. Why, after all, should the power of TV advertising be reserved for big multinational corporations alone?

Convenience and security 

We want you to feel confident in your decision to test the power of TV, not inhibited by the unknown. We want you to feel empowered by your ability to build your brand with scale, not limited by your budget.

That’s why our rigorously-tested booking system has been developed by a team of vastly experienced TV planners and web developers. We’ve funnelled our collective expertise into delivering a platform geared specifically for maximising campaign effectiveness on a small budget. It’s built with your convenience and security in mind, granting you the ability to safely book targeted TV airtime in just a few clicks!

All you need to do is sign up, sign in, and hey presto!