Campaign Tracking

We’ve invested heavily in the most cutting-edge tracking technology to ensure every penny of your budget can be accounted for. 

Adalyser is a real-time online platform for the collection, analysis and optimisation of offline and online media spend. Adalyser incorporates patent-pending attribution technology allowing media agencies and advertisers to understand how TV drives online response. More importantly, it provides clients with the information to allow them to purchase airtime based on actual online visits and sales, as opposed to abstract ratings.

And guess what... for a one-off additional fee of £250, you can harness this considerable power when you book a television campaign with Pick'n'Mix!

Campaign Analysis

This is a sophisticated piece of kit that enables you to measure the uplift in web traffic triggered by your TV advertising activity on a second-by-second basis. It works by detecting incremental increases against a moving baseline within an attribution window. From this, advertisers can easily identify patterns and trends that can be built on to enhance campaign effectiveness.

All you have to do is select the tracking add-on in checkout, and we'll set up you up with your account. Once this is confirmed, you need to install a piece of code in the head tags of your website, sign in to your Adalyser dashboard, and voila!

Alongside your complimentary access to this software, we'll also send you spot times schedule three days before the launch of your campaign. Please be aware, however, that your ad placements are subject to change; we cannot guarantee that your spots will air at the exact times stipulated in your schedule. This should be used as a guide only.

Benefits for TV Advertisers?

- Our clients are granted direct access to the Campaign Tracker with personal login details.

- You can measure the performance of your campaign at any time and from anywhere in the world.

- With this tool, you can break down the performance of your campaign by day, date, channel, programming, ad length, start and end times, the position in the break and, most importantly, the number of TV viewers watching your ad.

- Unlike other measurement tools, Adalyser uses consolidated data (both live and time-shifted TV viewing figures) to calculate Cost Per Leads, Acquisitions and Response with unrivalled accuracy.

- With this software, you can also measure response by device. This is particularly useful in that it not only gives advertisers valuable behavioural insights but also indicators for how different media channels are performing as vehicles for brand engagement.